Sunday August 31, 2014
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part II: Conflict


NARRATOR: Meanwhile, at J.S.C. Seventh Redoubt...

building: *printed* R7


MAKO: *thought bubble* They're all boosted, trained, and on high alert.

*thought bubble* I'm outnumbered twelve to one, and I'm in a hurry.

*thought bubble* If the neophant or the vhorwed get their hands on me I'm in trouble.

*thought bubble* If the amorph gets a hold of me, I'm dead.

MAKO: *thought bubble* This is going to be difficult... but not impossible.

MAKO: *thought bubble* I'll reconfigure the super-Tater on my way over.

*thought bubble* Specs say I can carve this into some scary force multiplication.

MAKO: *thought bubble* On approach, I'll launch two scanners, followed by a dozen micro-missiles, one per target.

*thought bubble* Follow those up with a doppledrone and give anybody who survived the missiles an obvious target.

*thought bubble* I bust in on the opposite side, dust with flash-bangs, and then hose it all down with plasma.

*thought bubble* Set the Tater to deton—

GARCIA: *interrupting* There you are!

GARCIA: Inspecting it, eh?  It's okay.  You don't need to worry about your M3 exploding.

MAKO: I wasnHEY!


cart: *printed* ARMOR

GARCIA: Mandatory recall, Libretti.  The Armory is inspecting every last M3, and has already issued replacements.  Here you go.

cart: *printed* ARM

GARCIA: Guaranteed clean.  No explosions, just nice, non-lethal takedowns.

MAKO: Oh.  Okay.  Thank you, sir.

tag: *printed* NEW!

MAKO: *thought bubble* This operation just became significantly more difficult.

*thought bubble* But not impossible...