Sunday September 14, 2014
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part II: Conflict


NARRATOR: Villa Gondwanamere...

SCHLOCK: What's the matter with you, Sorlie?

SCHLOCK: Your face looks like somebody just ate your last kitten.

SORLIE: When I was little I dreamed big.  I wanted to build spaceships.

SORLIE: I studied that for fifteen years.  I got a couple of degrees, but no job offers.

The U.N.S. military builds all the best ships.  Enlisting and enrolling in Officer School looked like the best way to get to do what I loved.

SORLIE: But it's not called "the service" for its ship building.

SORLIE: And that's okay.  I developed a new passion: serving people.

When it all came together I had a career spotting dangerous things in order to protect the innocent.

SORLIE: And then today...

Today I learned that while I'm keeping the peace, somebody else is killing the future.

Somebody who took the same oaths I did, who salutes the same set of flags I do.

SORLIE: Oh, and now my moral woe is compounded by the fact that the only person who notices my pain is somebody who snacks on kittens.

SCHLOCK: I didn't say *I* had eaten your last kitten.

SORLIE: I've read your dossier.  It is fat with the blood of kittens.