Sunday July 5, 2015
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part I


NARRATOR: Eina-Afa East, U.N.S. Embassy Pod Two...

LANDON: This project plan has the word "bisect" in it. I don't like that word.

SORLIE: The armored lozenge doesn't make sense in local gravity. Half the spaces will be upside down.

LANDON: Upside-down only matters if you're gazing at the scenery.

SORLIE: Turn around and look out the window. The scenery here deserves gazing.

See that? It's humbling, and awe-inspiring, and it's why the architect wants to repurpose most of the pod's hull as retractable storm-shutters.

LANDON: Re-what the hull?

SORLIE: Look at the picture.

LANDON: The "architect" is a maraca with zero artistic sense, and a sub-zero concept of security.

ENNESBY: Should I wait outside so you can speak your mind?

SORLIE: Captain Landon is just irritable because the baths here have no room for splashing around.

ENNESBY: Tweaking, and... Look at the picture again.


NARRATOR: Three days later...


TENZY: His mouth is grouchy, but the whole rest of his body is happier than I've ever felt it.