Tuesday July 7, 2015
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part I


NARRATOR: UNS Embassy, Pod Two, in the city of Jumpstar Prime...

CDRE TAGON: I like the layout. Does your new embassy qualify as Terran soil, or Martian soil, or what?

BALA-AMIN: All the soil, and then some.

The sands in our zen garden are from Earth, Mars, Luna, and Venus.

The pebbles are a polished sample set from every other inhabited rock in Sol System.

The garden's trim is a mosaic of polymer chips originating, one chip each, from Sol's many habitats.

CDRE TAGON: That's a lot of work for a little symbolism.

BALA-AMIN: It all arrived in the same crate.

There's an entire industry built around these embassy franchise kits.