Sunday October 23, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part IV


NARRATOR: Uli-Oa orbit...

DEVEREAUX: Broken Wind, this is Manicouagan Six Actual. To whom am I speaking?

KATHRYN: I am Acting Captain Kathryn Flinders.

How might I be of service to you, Admiral Devereaux?

DEVEREAUX: I need to speak with Commodore Tagon.

KATHRYN: He is currently indisposed. His son's death hit him pretty hard.

DEVEREAUX: It's true, then? Captain Tagon is dead?

KATHRYN: It's true.

DEVEREAUX: Oh. I'm very sorry for your

comms, off-panel: *distraught, talking over* NOOooooo


It would appear that Manicouagan's Tac-Room comms are in the hands of a Captain Tagon fanboy.

KATHRYN: The kid's got style.

Now let's get to the brass-on-brass stuff. What's your commodore-level... thingy?

DEVEREAUX: Petey wants to destroy Uli-Oa, and let the U.N.S. coordinate resource recovery for all comers.


More high-speed impacts, then?

DEVEREAUX: Many more.

KATHRYN: We're not feeling much love for the Esspees right now, but somebody should probably warn them that their world is about to get hammered into hot, priceless gravel.

DEVEREAUX: Sounds like a "commodore-level thingy" to me.

KATHRYN: If he wakes up before we kick down their door, it totally will be.