Monday October 24, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part IV


DEVEREAUX: You are kicking down their door?

Let's talk about the science vessel Gift Horse for a moment.

KATHRYN: I am listening, Admiral.

DEVEREAUX: The Int-Aff-Int science division is entirely separate from my chain of command, but they are U.N.S. citizens, and I have a sworn obligation to defend them.

Six of the scientists, and all fifteen crew members have failed to respond to emergency personal transponder pings.

KATHRYN: I served on the Tunguska. I know what E.P.T.P. silence means.

DEVEREAUX: So you know that I am obliged to pay the Esspees a visit, perhaps with a full division of ground pounders as an honor guard.

KATHRYN: Respectfully, Admiral, unless you've already deployed that force, you're in line behind us.