Friday October 28, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part IV


GASCA: The World Forge was crushed from within by a Dark Matter Entity.

DANITA: This isn't actually surprising, Gasca. We all figured it was destroyed during the Pa'anuri Wars.

GASCA: Except that the destruction originated at the center of mass. A Pa'anuri attack would have speared inward first, creating shear lines and ripples of which there are no traces.

ELF: So... a stealthy Pa'anuri snuck into the middle of the structure before launching its attack.

GASCA: Or... the Pa'anuri powering the World Forge broke its transbaryonic chains, threw off the yoke of oppression, and smashed everything on its way to freedom.

DANITA: From scientist to novelist in one unsupported leap.