Sunday September 25, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part IV


NARRATOR: Cindercone, deck 10...

MAC: We lost another pauldrone, Captain. I'm running seriously short on eyes.

MURTAUGH: Cindy? Do you have a fix on the enemy?

CINDY: Negative. They've been thorough about killing sensors.

MAC: Movement! Behind and below!

MURTAUGH: Fire through the deck! Get me some targets!

MAC: More above! Not good!

MURTAUGH: Where are they?

Get me some targets!

MAC: They are everywhuuugh...

NARRATOR: Cindercone, deck 9, Captain Andreyasn's lab...

Control: Toehold, this is Control. Sensors here show power returning to that other cage.

sosheki rider: I'll check it out, Control.

Control: Don't check it. Break it.

sosheki rider: Understood.

sosheki rider: AUGH! Control we're taking fire!

Control: Rearguard! Converge on Toehold!

Toehold, report!

sosheki rider: The monkeys are AAUGH not a monkey!

Very not!

Control: Where is the not-a-monkey?

sosheki rider: They are everywhuuugh...