Friday September 30, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part IV

Note: Kathleen Mirali Tagon was just one of thousands killed in the opening shots of the Terraforming War in the Celeschul System in 3069. The Terran Formation Front launched their first strikes in an attempt to decapitate their opposition by assassinating senior officers sympathetic to the Continuance faction.

There are numerous narratives surrounding that conflict. Some people say that the TFF was doomed to failure the moment Colonel Karl Tagon survived. Karl Tagon is not one of those people, but late in the evening after a few drinks, Karl will concede that it is astonishingly poor tactical doctrine to make him your enemy.


BUNNI: Kathryn... the Commodore's file says his wife's name was Kathleen.

KATHRYN: Oh, no...

I thought he was broken before, but now he's actually broken-broken.

BUNNI: Agreed. I declare for the record that Commodore Karl Tagon is temporarily unfit for duty.

I am awaiting orders, Acting Captain Flinders.

KATHRYN: No no no.

You can't do that.

BUNNI: The handbooks say I have to do that.