Sunday March 5, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — Part II


NARRATOR: Jumpstar Prime, U.N.S. Embassy Security Pod...

LANDON: You're using the comm rig?

TENZY: Heavy lifting. I'm poking around the infosphere over at Urtheep Industries.

LANDON: Is that a good idea? Those people built you, and the last I heard they want to sweep you under a concrete rug with extreme prejudice.

TENZY: I'm helping a friend with a project.

LANDON: So, it's not a good idea, but you have backup.

TENZY: Ennesby is out in front, so he's not really backup.

He probably backed himself up before we started, but I didn't ask.

ENNESBY: Tenzy, can you mute that mic, or shoo your build-a-bear out of the room?

He's distracting.

LANDON: "Build-a-bear?"

ENNESBY: Did I say that on the audio channel? Tell me I didn't say that on the audio channel.

TENZY: You did, but you were distracted.