Sunday March 12, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — Part II


NARRATOR: Approaching Bacchus...

CINDY: Incoming call from the Flagship.


TAGON: Right. Brace for lots and lots of talking.

CDRE TAGON: Hello, everyone.

Ennesby spent some time in our client's computers. We need to discuss what he found.

ENNESBY: Yes we do.

I'm going to lead with the short version.

ENNESBY: We should trigger the kill-fee, and abandon this contract.

CDRE TAGON: Noted. Give us the long version, please.

ENNESBY: Jozagle's Purse was on assignment to an artifact called "Object 4118-6."

ENNESBY: The Purse reported that 4118-6 has active data processing systems, and is full of information.

KEVYN: So... it's a computer?

ENNESBY: 4118-6 is classified as a "stellar enclosure."

TAGON: Okay, a big computer.

Where is it?

ENNESBY: I don't know. The location data is in an offline icebox.

KEVYN: Can you hack that?

ENNESBY: We'd have to stage an armed assault on our client's vaults.

SCHLOCK: I want to volunteer for that mission.

TAGON: I don't.


Ennesby, how do you suggest we go about finding this 4118-6 thing?

ENNESBY: It's an ancient, super-advanced computer system the size of Sol with a red dwarf star for a power supply.

Now that we know what it is I don't think we should find it.

KEVYN: But... just think about all the things it knows.

ENNESBY: I am. And I think we're all safer if it doesn't know anything about us.