Sunday February 26, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — Part II


NARRATOR: Urtheep Industries Headquarters...

Rear Echelon Methodology and Framework manager: You're right. It's not supposed to be doing that. I'll issue you a return authorization code.

REMF manager: You don't have to put anything in a box. Print the R.A. code, hand it to the CQ-101, and it will put itself in a box. Then it will apply postage, and ship itself back to us.

REMF manager: I'll be right with you. I don't know how this call ended up at my desk.

ELF: Take your time. I'm learning a lot.

REMF manager: No, I understand. Most people don't keep the packing materials for more than about thirty seconds.

REMF manager: Is your printer a Class "D" or better?

REMF manager: Excellent. Show the printer your Return Authorization card, then say "Yes" when it asks you if it should fab packing materials.

REMF manager: Yes, you'll need to take the code-card back from the CQ-101 first.

REMF manager: Really? Well, it's definitely not supposed to be doing that.

REMF manager: Almost done. I won't be another minute.

ELF: Will a minute be enough, Ennesby?

ENNESBY: A minute will be plenty. This is convenient AND fun to listen to.