Sunday March 26, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — Part II


NARRATOR: Cynthetic Certainty...

TAGON: Lieutenant. Did we learn anything new?

CHELLE: We learned that Bosun Vaal is very smart.

CHELLE: We checked out the ice deformations. Jozangle's Purse definitely gravied itself before detonating. Everything useful is gone.

MAC: Aaaugh! I can't put weight on it.

TAGON: And what's all that about?

CHELLE: We also learned that not all ice is created equal.

CHELLE: Mac's boot heaters run hotter than ours, for flexibility. He stepped onto a field of methane ice and set it off.

TAGON: Set it off how? Liquid methane doesn't burn well. Especially with no air.

CHELLE: The ice melted, and then boiled. Spouts of liquid methane and methane gas absorbed Mac's heat faster than his heaters could replenish it.

CHELLE: Then a heater failed, and the screaming began.

MAC: Frostbite forty-K!

MAC: I'm going to lose my leg!

NEEKA: You will not lose any of your legs, Corporal.

MAC: My left foot... I can't feel it at all.

NEEKA: Nothing bad.

NEEKA: Local anaesthetic.

NEEKA: Simple meatfixing

TAGON: Neeka, you just cut Corporal M'Conger's foot off.

NEEKA: Repair is simpler with it detached. I do intend to put it back.

MAC: Waaaugh!

MAC: That's my foot!

MAC: Put it back! Put it baaaack!

NEEKA: Elevated patient stress...

NEEKA: Problematic.

NEEKA: Now I must anaesthetize the entire monkey.