Tuesday February 28, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — Part II


NARRATOR: Sol System, Kuiper Belt, Bacchus Inbound Teraport Zone...


MURTAUGH: Bacchus Traffic Control, this is TT08-11-BW. We're here on behalf of Urtheep Industries to investigate the UI-RDX-215 crash site.

bee-trac: Hold at the T.A.D. perimeter, Bee-Dub. It looks like you're in a Neoafan Freehold hull.

MURTAUGH: We are. Is there a problem?

bee-trac: Per Sec-Gen Decree 3100-980, entry is denied.

You can hold your position, or you can leave. It's your call.

MURTAUGH: The Secretary General is a personal friend. Do we need to get her on the line?

bee-trac: That is also your call.