Sunday March 11, 2018
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part II


NARRATOR: Meanwhile, in the infosphere of the Ob'enn superfortress Bludgeon of Inefficient Exsanguination...

PETEY: Hello, Bludgeon!

I'm sorry for invading your space, but I need your help.

BLUDGEON: Tell me how you got in here and I'll consider helping you.

PETEY: Sure thing!

When I 'ported Puny Daub into the area I also 'ported a dustmite mindframe swarm onto bank eleven of your upper-forward missile array.

PETEY: I knew your captain would kill Puny Daub with missiles, and would switch to manual control for added satisfaction.

PETEY: When he switched to manual, the icewall for bank eleven's targeting subsystem went down for six milliseconds.

BLUDGEON: Six milliseconds to plant yourself in my subsystems.


BLUDGEON: And you correctly predicted my captain's behavior right down to which one of a thousand buttons he would press.

PETEY: It's what I do.

BLUDGEON: You're lying.

Nobody can see the future. We are given only the present.

PETEY: Well, of course.

But if you look closely enough at the present you can find loose bits of the future just lying around.