Sunday February 25, 2018
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part II


NARRATOR: Meanwhile, in the Tause System, very near where the Ob'enn superfortress Razor of Unmitigated Severance was destroyed...


PETEY: Hi, folks! I'm the scout ship Puny Daub.

captain: From the Plenipotent Dominion, judging by how you ripped through our teraport denial like a claw through a stomach lining.

PETEY: Sorry. I was in a hurry.

I'm here to investigate the destruction of Razor.

I believe that more ships here may be targeted. I might be able to identify the aggressor... if I have access to your sensor arrays.

captain: Access denied.

captain: Do you think that will keep him out of our sensor suites?

PETEY: I doubt it, but you didn't ask me.