Sunday April 1, 2018
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part II


NARRATOR: A theoretically private stowage section aboard Soulward Honor...

KAMBOU: Talk to me, Sub-Lieutenant Rulliff.

You're my liaison with the U.P.A., but information has only been flowing in one direction lately.

RULLIFF: I gave you the U.P.A.'s report from the battle with the mercenaries.

KAMBOU: After my captain received the official report from the surviving Minister of Ice Mines.

KAMBOU: Spill it now, Subby.

Does the U.P.A. have an actual plan out here?

RULLIFF: Isn't it obvious?

RULLIFF: This system belongs to us.

Not the xenos.

Our people have to come first.

But we've practically given the outer system to... to grasshats and buglies...

To the munkles, the balltops, the crawlkin, and a million more.

Why? So they can sell it back to us in pieces?

It's not right.

Everything out here belongs to Uuplech.

So the U.P.A.'s plan is to make it ours again.

KAMBOU: Please tell me the U.P.A. didn't have anything to do with the refinery habitat explosion.

RULLIFF: We didn't, but we know an opportunity when we see one.

Corpses can't own property. The dead don't have any rights.

RULLIFF: Provided they remain dead.

KAMBOU: You plan to stop the mercenaries from reviving the disaster victims.

RULLIFF: And all we need is a little bit of... latitude.

RULLIFF: You're still with us, right?

KAMBOU: With you?

You're disgusting.

But the insurance lobby shares a few of your goals, which makes you lucky and disgusting.