Sunday March 18, 2018
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part II


NARRATOR: Soulward Honor...


MAC: Pay attention to your center-of-mass, Sarge. It's in a different place when you're loaded out.

ELF: Last two, coming through.

NARRATOR: Cynthetic Certainty...


ELF: Lieutenant Flinders, do you have everybody?

KATHRYN: Roll has been called. We have everyone except you.

It's really cozy over here.

ELF: Tell Schlock he's had enough practice for today.

It's time to take that suit off.

KATHRYN: He's clear of the gate.

We're ready for you to abandon ship, Captain Foxworthy.

KATHRYN: Did you just disable the gate?

ELF: I think I'll be Captain Foxworthy for a little longer.

ELF: I am going to turn myself in.

This whole mess might sort itself out if the Uuplechans have a peace offering.

ELF: I might be able to sort myself out if I can have a little quiet time.

KATHRYN: Hey, it's not that crowded over here, Captain.

ELF: Thank you but I need to be alone.

ELF: Even just one person would be

SCHLOCK: Suprise!

ELF: too much.

SCHLOCK: I had enough practice, so I took the suit off.