Sunday March 25, 2018
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part II


NARRATOR: Aboard Cynthetic Certainty...

gunboat: *printed* M39


I know it's tight in here, but open decks are ahead.

You are deploying to Gruuli's Legacy, where you will have much more room to breathe.

TAGON: Unfortunately, the crowding will get worse before it gets better.

Your ride is the lone surviving transport from M39, and you will share space with a truck-fun of materiel.

You'll be racking and stacking yourselves like cargo.

TAGON: Don't kick, don't bite, and don't whine about the close quarters.

Just stew in your own angry juices like a fresh can of condensed whoopass.

TAGON: Except this is a relief mission.

No whooping.


KATHRYN: That metaphor got away from you there at the end.

TAGON: I need a better selection of canned goods.