Sunday September 1, 2019
Book 20: Sergeant In Motion — Part I


NARRATOR: Andromeda, aboard the mercenary cruiser Cynthetic Certainty...

KEVYN: The original, theoretical term for dark matter particles was "WIMP," which stood for Weakly-Interacting Massive Particle.

TAGON: The Pa'anuri don't seem very wimpy.

KEVYN: Because meta-stable dark matter isn't made of WIMPs.

KEVYN: When the Pa'anuri first showed up, we assumed there had to be dark analogs of protons, neutrons, electrons, and maybe even photons. Cindy's sensor data finally proves that.

VENTURA: But in order to discuss Pa'anuri chemistry, we have to name all those particles.

TAGON: Is that where you were when I interrupted?

KEVYN: She said "darkotron" sounds silly.

TAGON: She's not wrong.

KEVYN: She didn't have anything better.

VENTURA: She did, but that's where we got interrupted.

VENTURA: "Umbral" is a nice, dark word. If we start with "umbral," the neutron- and electron-analogs can be "umbrons" and "umbratrons."

VENTURA: The photon-analogs, the "information carriers," could be umbralinos.

KEVYN: Yeah... YEAH!

KEVYN: And we'll call the proton-analog an umbreon!

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, across the fourth wall...

VENTURA: Umbrion might be better.

KEVYN: Right! Because it's an ion!

NARRATOR: And Niantic won't issue us a C&D.