Sunday May 17, 2020
Book 20: Sergeant In Motion — Part III


NARRATOR: Meanwhile, in Sergeant In Motion's infosphere...

PETEY: Hello, Cindy.

PETEY: By which I mean "Fragsuit TT-13-A6, initiate connection."


Connection initiated.

Are you requesting an export of the latest Tac and Nav data?

PETEY: No.  I am requesting full access.

PETEY: Sergeant Schlock has been placed in command of an organization which is literally seven orders of magnitude larger than any platoon he had led in the past.

This is a job for which he is manifestly unqualified.

He needs guidance from something smarter than an infantry-grade battlefield calculator.

PETEY: He needs guidance from someone.


If you try to overwrite my friend Cindy, I will eat you all the way up.

PETEY: How are you even IN here?

SCHLOCK: I'm kind of everywhere.

Probably because I'm so manifestly unqualified.

CDRE TAGON: Can we patch me in to both sides of this conversation?