Wednesday May 20, 2020
Book 20: Sergeant In Motion — Part III


PETEY: I've lost most of my capital ships to the Pa'anuri Long Gun, and the Pa'anuri have captured two collector nodes.

For you to be useful, you have to get to the nodes I still control before I lose them.

That means teraporting.

PETEY: You talk about leading from the front?  You can't actually DO that, because it will kill you.

SCHLOCK: These ships...

Their entire purpose is to bring their Pa'anuri warriors back to life after they die from a teraport.

PETEY: Yes.  Their PA'ANURI warriors.

Do you believe you can make that work for you?

SCHLOCK: I believe I must make it work.

SCHLOCK: Besides... I lead from the front because I'm willing to die.

CDRE TAGON: Very noble, Sergeant, but if you stay dead, you'll totally ruin this org chart you asked me to make.