Sunday July 8, 2001

Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
Interrogation Interruption


Narrator:Armed only with a stolen handgun, DoytHaban must find (or fight) his way off of the buuthandi, a dyson sphere serving as a base for aliens who would probably not let him get away.
Haban II:(haban) Hey, you two! Which way to the nearest unmasked hypernet node?
Young F'sherl 2:A Prisoner? Here? I'll tell you nothing!
Haban II:(haban) Shall we try this again?
Dull F'sherl:Well, given the extenuating circumstances, I think I might just be able to help you.
Narrator:Meanwhile, in the office of Gasht'g'd'g'tang, Master interrogator...
Gasht'g'd'g'tang aid:Master g'tang! Your son has been murdered!
Gasht'g'd'g'tang:By whom! I'll split his horns myself!
Gasht'g'd'g'tang aid:I don't know sir, but whoever it was allowed the human prisoner to escape!
Gasht'g'd'g'tang:Has it occurred to you that perhaps the human did this on his own?
Gasht'g'd'g'tang aid:Impossible, sir. Humans aren't smart enough or strong enough for that.
Narrator:Finally, you guys are making traditional comic-book villain mistakes.
Gasht'g'd'g'tang:When I want your opinion i'll mind-rip it out of your shattered skull, thank you.
Narrator:Meanwhile, Doythaban has reached his objective...
Dull F'sherl:Here's the hypernet relay. Can I go now?
Haban II:(haban) I don't know. If you were in my shoes, would you trust you not to make a beeline for the nearest security guard?
Dull F'sherl:Is this another one of those questions where one of the answers goes 'blam?'
Haban II:(haban) Actually, I think that several of your possible answers make that noise.