Tuesday July 10, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
Interrogation Interruption


Haban II:(doyt)So what's gotten into you? Have you figured out what these people are up to? (haban) Shhh... someone's coming.
Young f'sherl 3:So we can make a perfect copy of anybody who passes through a wormgate?
Older F'sherl - RH:Right. But only the richest five percent of any civilization travel that way.
Young f'sherl 3:Ahhh... So by interrogating and killing the copies, we learn enough to control as much of the galaxy's wealth as we care to!
Older F'sherl - RH:You learn fast, son. You'll go far among the F'sherl-ganni.
Haban II:(doyt) Well, that was quite a bit more convenient than I could have expected.(haban) I'm just glad i don't have to explain it to you.