Saturday July 28, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
Interrogation Interruption


Narrator:Aboard the warship 'post-dated check loan,' in medibay one.
Petey:So, how do you like it?
Bunni:Wow! You moved me up on your fabrication schedule! It looks great! Very complete.
Petey:It should be. It's a full shipboard hospital after the tradition of the tausennigan military. Re-quipped for multi-species support. Naturally, whether you're operating on bunions or brains, you're covered.
DoytHaban:(doyt) Head-wound coming through! Doc, can you help us?
Bunni:This isn't a coincidence, is it, Petey?
Petey:Think of it as evidence of a benign creator, ...The creator being me, of course.
Haban II: