Friday July 27, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
Interrogation Interruption


Ennesby:...So there's our fix. Can you swing a quick teraport and get us out of here?
Petey:I can't squeeze in there myself, but I can send a missile.
Petey:When it shows up just pile on top of it and say 'when.'
Ennesby:Okay. I'll tell Haban.
Narrator:Moments later...
Ennesby:There's our ticket out of here. All aboard!
DoytHaban:(haban) I'm not sure what scares me more... Riding a missile, or the fact that Petey has invented missilse with teraports on them.
Ennesby:It's easier to be enthusiastic if you don't think about it.