Saturday July 14, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
Interrogation Interruption


Narrator:Ennesby, equipped with his very own teraport, begins moving things around, starting with himself...
DoytHaban:(haban) Whoa, that was quick.
Ennesby:Cut your engines. I'm gonna 'port you into one of the bays.
DoytHaban:(doyt) But what about...
DoytHaban:(doyt) ...Our relative velocity? We were doing point-three cee back there.
Ennesby:Inertial sump. I bled off the extra kinetic energy and converted it to mass.
DoytHaban:(doyt) Is that why I feel heavier?
Ennesby:no, I think that's an aspect of your density.
DoytHaban:(haban) Oh, be nice. I have to share a skull with him.