Saturday December 8, 2001
A hematic scrubber processes blood at the gastrointestinal interfaces, and passes the neutrally-wrappered toxins into the fecal system for disposal. Half the point of a hematic scrubber is to keep you healthy. The other half of the point is to remind you that you should not put down roots here. This is accomplished by discouraging the patient from sitting for an extended period.
Book 2: The Teraport Wars
Part I: Through The Ages


Petey:Commander, As per your request, I've completed a passive scan of the system. I found significant concentrations of heavy-metal toxins pervading the biosphere.
Petey:I've spoken to the doctor about hematic scrubbers for the team. They'll be healthy but they won't be happy.
Brad:Whoa... Big pill.
Bunni:It's not a pill. Turn around.