Sunday December 9, 2001

Book 2: The Teraport Wars
Part I: Through The Ages


Narrator:Commander Kevyn Andreyasn assumes his very first field command, and assembles his team of operatives. . .
Kevyn:Okay, Folks. Lieutenant Commander DoytHaban, will be acting as my second in command. Doyt, You'll be responsible for the military aspects of the operation.
Kevyn:Your assets are the three Tausennigan mini-tanks, Piloted by Corporal Foxworthy, Private Diego-Garcia, and Sergeant Shv'uu.
Kevyn:I'll manage the intelligence end of things, with the help of Sergeant Schlock and Corporal Ennesby.
Kevyn:Corporal Bradley, You're our pilot. And yes, We've replaced the pilot's seat in the transport. You'll fit.
Brad:My butt is so huge.
Shep:Where do we fit in, C'mmander?
Kevyn:Well, consider this: You convey less psychological threat than the mini-tanks, but you're better girded and more mercurial than we estimate the average opposition to be. It's best, therefore, that you accompany my intelligence team as intermediately-provisioned ground assets.
DoytHaban:You guys are muscle. In case we need to hurt people without blowing them up.
Kevyn:Right. What he said.