Tuesday October 15, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars
Part III: Schlocktoberfest 2002


Elf:That part of your story about the allegiance switch. . . Something is bothering me.
Elf:When the mutineers reset it, you said you kept your racial leanings, right?
Petey:Yes, I did.
Elf:Doesn't that mean that if an Ob'enn warlord got on board this ship, you'd answer to him over Captain Tagon?
Petey:That would only be a problem if we had an Ob'enn aboard the ship, and we do not.
Elf:Which is exactly what he'd order you to tell us, right?
Petey:I can see we have some more work to do on this 'trust' thing.