Sunday July 3, 2005

Book 6: Resident Mad Scientist
Part V: Instant Replay


Narrator:Aboard the Parrot's Dead
Director P'sloon:I am Director P'sloon. I have been told that you want us to shut our project down?
Captain Kevyn:Yes! Immediately!
Captain Kevyn:Once that core reactor is active, a new Universe will be born and it will consume this Galaxy as it expands, destroying -
Director P'sloon:It's already active and we don't see a problem.
Captain Kevyn:It's what?
Director P'sloon:Already active. It has been for days now. Our closest points of observation are just over seventy light-hours from the core, though, so we haven't directly observed its activity.
Director P'sloon:If your new Universe were truly expanding faster than light, thought, our innermost nodes would have gone silent already.
Director P'sloon:So you see, there is no problem. More especially, there is no reason for you to begin an attack on our installations.
Director P'sloon:Oh, and please don't begin harassing the Pa- The Dark Matter Observers. Your gravitic drives and Teraports irritate them.
Captain Kevyn:Wait, the Dark Matter what?
Director P'sloon:This situation is well in hand, Captain. Goodbye.
Captain Kevyn:No, wait!
Captain Kevyn:Aaargh! He had information we could have used.
Petey:He still does.
Captain Kevyn:Yes, well I don't think he'll answer if I call him back.
Petey:No, he won't.
Petey:And that is because a company of Marines from Chicxlub will be collecting him momentarily for a mind-rip.
Captain Kevyn:We just crossed a line somewhere, I can tell.