Monday July 25, 2005
Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei
Part I: Big Schlock, Little Schlock, What Begins With Schlock?


Narrator:Captain Kaff Tagon, mercenary, is one of Petey's friends.
Captain Tagon:Petey, I need a new ship. You blew up my last one.
Petey:Everything I can spare is already used shuttling angry Admirals back to their home systems.
Petey:Besides, there was no contract between us for that ship. Ennesby took it here to the core and got it blown up, not I.
Captain Tagon:Yes, but no matter how hard I rattle this stupid maraca, I can't seem to shake a new ship out of it.
Ennesby:Petey, help! He's demoted me to an "it."