Sunday September 4, 2005

Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei
Part I: Big Schlock, Little Schlock, What Begins With Schlock?


Narrator:Sergeant Schlock is a Carbosilicate Amorph. His race evolved from organic memory units designed -- and abandoned -- millions of years ago.
Narrator:The little guy is not only also a Carbosilicate Amorph, he is also Sergeant Schlock.
Narrator:He traveled back in time from a future in which most of his mass, and therefore memory, was burned away by a plasma grenade.
Narrator:These Amorphs possess some astounding abilities, including high-speed, complex chemical synthesis, acute senses of smell and hearing, and strength sufficient to generate pressures you might get out of a good hydraulic press.
Narrator:If you cut an Amorph into little pieces, it can re-assemble itself, even though those pieces have a dramatically reduces sense of the "self" that is being reassembled.
Narrator:Finally, Amorphs can share their memories with each other just by swapping bits of themselves. That is what is about to be done right here.
Narrator:Unfortunately, the conscious process of meme-swapping cannot thwart the deep-seated Amorph reflex to re-assemble itself.
Narrator:At a (for want of a better term) cellular level, the two Schlocks "think" they are parts of the same greenish, amorphous whole.
Mini-Schlock:What's. . . NO!
Mini-Schlock:Stop trying to eat me!!
Schlock:Stop trying to climb into my mouth!!
Narrator:If you've ever tried to stop vomiting mid-stream, you just might have some sense of what's going on here.