Monday September 26, 2005
Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei
Part I: Big Schlock, Little Schlock, What Begins With Schlock?


Narrator:Integrity's former owner is an amphibian, as are the majority of his troops.
Daysun Tingo 'Bot:. . . Fore Annie is Warbucked. We have annihilation in both plants. engaging unifield now.
Daysun Tingo 'Bot:Unifield up. Gravitic drive engaged.
Daysun Tingo 'Bot II:DamCon indicates flooding throughout the forward blade.
Narrator:Integrity has three swimming areas. With more than 90,000 cubic meters of water between them.
Narrator:That amount of water would fill Australia's Homebush Bay Olympic swimming pool twenty-eight times over.
Narrator:The Olympic swimmers would not be in any way thankful for all the fish, or the mud.