Sunday February 12, 2006

Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei
Part V: Glamour Assault


NArrator:In the conning tower aboard the mercenary warship Touch-and-Go:
Tagon:I need options, people. Kevyn, let's see one of those brainstorms of yours.
Kevyn:Um... Captain? Brainstorming is what we're doing. It's a group thing. Everybody thinks together.
Tagon:Well, get on with it then. I'm in a hurry.
Ennesby:We could just skip this round of paychecks, and tell everybody we need to find customers.
Kevyn:Brash, but it is an option.
Tagon:Do you remember how I reacted when Doctor Lefrench stiffed us? Multiply that by fifty, and use less restraint.
Kevyn:Do you really think so? Even among merchanters mutiny is a serious offense.
Tagon:Among mercenaries, so is not making payroll.
Thurl:Captain, if we withhold pay from just the officers and senior enlisted, we can squeak by.
Tagon:So you want to dock pay from the people we trust the most in order to placate the people we don't trust.
Thurl:When you put it that way it starts to sound immoral.
Tagon:Immorality is our stock in trade. Okay, people... we have a "Plan B". Now, If any of you want to get paid this month, let's have "Plan A".