Sunday June 10, 2007

Book 9: The Body Politic
Part I: King for a Day


Narrator:The Prandial Palace, Yoming.
Petey:Hello, Hugo. Are you busy?
Xinchub:Busy? Me? I'm the Prandial King of Yoming, Dictator for life. I can take time out whenever I want to.
Xinchub:Right now I'm taking time out to use this toilet.
Petey:Of course you are. That's why I'm here.
Petey:This room is far easier for me to remotely secure than your throne room is.
Petey:Or rather, your OTHER throne room.
Xinchub:A pun. How nice. You remind me of a certain maraca-shaped robot I once tried to kill.
Xinchub:I wonder sometimes how he's doing. Him and the rest of that company of misfits he pilots for.
Petey:Ennesby doesn't pilot anymore since losing Tagon's ship in the Core War, but Tagon made him an adjutant and sensibly listens to him from time to time.
Petey:Which reminds me. . . I was going to employ Tagon and company to extract you, but they declined. Apparently they'd rather see you dead.
Petey:You look like you're thinking maybe the plumbing in here needs to accommodate flushed bricks.