Thursday June 14, 2007
Book 9: The Body Politic
Part I: King for a Day


Schlock:A plasma-cannon safety coloring book?
Fez Bejo:You betcha, Sport.
Fez Bejo:See, the text of the book says "these things are too dangerous for kids, so don't play with 'em."
Fez Bejo:But the context and subtext will say "Kid, as soon as you have the money, you need to buy one of these for yourself."
Schlock:So. . . The coloring book is a commercial that targets kids?
Fez Bejo:Sort of. It looks like it doesn't but the kids get targeted anyway.
Schlock:Like collateral damage?
Fez Bejo:Nice military lingo! Lemme run that one past the writing team.