Sunday June 17, 2007

Book 9: The Body Politic
Part I: King for a Day


Narrator:The Prandial Palace, Yoming. . .
Xinchub:Petey sent us a package.
Jevee Ceeta:Oh?
Xinchub:It's a new showerhead, and it is very soothing. So soothing, in fact, that I think you and I should try it out together.
Jevee Ceeta:Remember back in our cells, when I said "Not if you were the only human being on the planet?"
Xinchub:I'm not suggesting congress. I'm suggesting an alternate form of intercourse.
Jevee Ceeta:And I'm suggesting that even though you are the only human being on the planet, I am not showering with you.
Xinchub:Perhaps not willingly.
Jevee Ceeta:URK
Xinchub:What's the matter? Are you surprised that I am boosted past your own illegal threshold?
Xinchub:Or are you under the gross self-delusion that I find your unnatural blueness so irresistible that I would try to force myself on you?

Now. . . You may speak freely.

Jevee Ceeta:You loathsome, repulsive, fat monster. How dare you treat me this way?
Xinchub:I dare because the new showerhead ensures that nobody can hear us during conversational intercourse here in the bathroom.