Sunday April 5, 2009

Book 11: Massively Parallel
Part I: High Olympus Command


Narrator:High Olympus Shipyards, Berth Six Observation Area: The Touch-And-Go has been here for a little over one week.
Narrator:(If you're keeping time, Kerchak will start making calls in five hundred and thirty hours.)
Driggs:You see, the original blueprints just won't work. Not at all.
Elf:They have to work. Thurl, tell him they have to work.
Thurl:Let's hear what he has to say, Commander.
Elf:Do I need to make that an order?
Thurl:Only if you want to look like a fool, now hush. He's trying to explain
Driggs:Your Captain gave me a budget, the original blueprints, and he gave me this wreck. He expects a solid, fit-for-battle warship.
Driggs:If you let me change the budget, I can turn this wreck into the warship on the blueprints.

If you'd given me less of a wreck to start with, I could deliver a warship on this budget.

Driggs:If you decide you don't want a warship, I can deliver not-a-warship using this wreck, these blueprints and this budget.
Elf:None of that is acceptable, and you know it.
Driggs:That leaves us two options. First, the smart option: We alter the blueprints so that this wreck can become a warship on your budget.
Elf:I assume there's a stupid option?
Driggs:You scream, shout, point weapons at us, and we all end up in court. You get no warship, your budget goes to the lawyers, and we keep the wreck.
Driggs:I almost hope that's the one you're thinking about picking. We re-sell a lot of wrecks that way.