Sunday April 26, 2009

Book 11: Massively Parallel
Part I: High Olympus Command


Narrator:High Olympus Shipyards, Observation Area Six. . .
H.O. Ship-Bot:All the superstructure is complete now. both hulls are done, with Mark 10 teraport shells throughout, and the new exterior weapon blisters are secure.
H.O. Ship-Bot:We haven't finished mounting the hardware in those blisters, and lots of the interior is unfinished, but from the outside she looks just like she's done.
Narrator:General Kerchak started making calls twenty minutes ago. . .
Thurl:Well, drop the screens and let's have a look. I'm excited to see her.
H.O. Ship-Bot:Here we go! Be-
Thurl:Hold it. I need to take this.
Thurl:Thurl here.

Milly, long time. What's the occ-

Thurl:Hey, robot! Let's see how fast you can get some of those weapons hooked up. And load the rest of 'em on one of the bays. We will be leaving in a hurry.
H.O. Ship-Bot:But don't you want to see what she looks like?
Thurl:I'm sure she's very pretty. Now get her ready to go.