Friday May 3, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — The Teraport Wars
Since I don't know what the smartest person you know actually looks like, I took some liberties in the strip above and drew myself. After all, with the glasses and the bald head and the beard, I look pretty smart. And hey, let's face it: today's strip is an excercise in imagination, anyway. You can pretend I'm the smartest person you know, can't you? Please? Just for today?


Narrator: In order to follow what petey is doing, it's useful to employ a metaphor.
Narrator: Imagine the smartest person you know...
Narrator: Now imagine that person in a real-time voice, video, and hypertext conference with over a thousand other people who are very nearly as smart.
Narrator: The absolute dearth of productivity that you are now imagining springing from this kind of meeting is not what petey gets.Tommorow: The cartoonist comes up with a better metaphor.