Monday May 27, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — The Teraport Wars
The handsome, blue-haired scientist is one of the oldest humans in the Galaxy, if you're counting from birthdates. Born in the late 20th century, "Gav" studied nuclear physics and worked for the government, but actually ended up making his fortune in the entertainment industry. In a quest to live to see the distant future, he had himself cryogenically frozen just prior to the Content Crash of the early 21st century. Thanks to the resultant depletion of his estate, he spent most of the next 1000-odd years being shuffled from one dusty, forgotten collegiate laboratory to another. He was thawed out by a teaching assistant in the late 31st century on the premise that "maybe this box labeled 'ancient biologicals' will have something nifty in it."


Narrator: Meanwhile, back at target echo...
Kevyn: Eureka!The wormgates are not super-efficient!
Kevyn: They only generate wormholes a meter or so in diameter! Most of the gate hardware is just smoke and mirrors, to make it look like a giant wormhole is connecting you to your destination.Eureka!
Gav-0: You realize that the legend of archimedes and 'eureka' involves a bathtub, and running naked through the streets.
Kevyn: Then strip me down and draw me a bath!Eureka!
Gav-0: Of course, i'm hardly a stickler for tradition.