Sunday April 28, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — The Teraport Wars


Narrator: The mercenary Superfortress 'Post-Dated Check Loan' has teraported into a previously uncharted star-system. One in which there is purposed destruction on a scale not seen in the recorded history of any of the civilized races present.
Narrator: (This calls into question the real dividing line between civilization and barbarism, but we don't have time for panting lines. Besides, in space there is very little upon which we can actually apply paint.)
Narrator: Suffice it to say that when the lid has been left off of a box of entropy this large, there's money to be made for the soldier of fortune.
Tagon: Kevyn, this action is huge! Petey counted over twelve hundred capital ships in the system. Just who are we working for?
Kevyn: Don't worry about the 'who.' Worry about the 'how much.' Trust me.
Jaksmouth: Welcome aboard the flagship Athens, Captain Tagon. I'm Colonel Jaksmouth.

You gave us a bit of a scare when you showed up.

Tagon: I'm sorry. I was told you were expecting us.
Jaksmouth: We were expecting a 'small mercenary company.' Nobody said anything about a Tausennigan Ob'enn Superfortress.
Jaksmouth: I've got an Ensign over in dispatch control who needs a fresh set of briefs now.
Jaksmouth: Fleet Admiral Breya knows you well. It seems remiss for her not to have told us exactly what you would be flying.
Tagon: I'm sorry. Did you say 'Fleet Admiral Breya?'
Jaksmouth: Yes. She organized this action, galvanizing over three hundred planetary governments and the United Nations of Sol against these F'sherl-Ganni Gatekeepers.
Jaksmouth: You seem surprised. Is there a problem?
Tagon: Oh, there's no problem. It just seems remiss for her brother not to have told be who exactly we would be working for.