Sunday May 19, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — The Teraport Wars


Narrator: Lieutenant shodan's interspeciated infantry has nearly completed their first assignment. It's time to report in.
Tagon: How are your troops doing, Shodan?
Shodan: Well, sir, you might say that they're in disarray.
Shodan: We had a few laggards, but most of the new recruits went charging down whichever hallway was closest, yelling and screaming, and discharging their weapons at anything that moved.It's a miracle the troops didn't shoot each other. I guess it's a good thing they're all wearing the same color.
Tagon: Were the prisoners hurt?
Shodan: No, but only because they weren't moving.
Shodan: The only moving things were dumb mechanoids that seemed to be keeping the restrained prisoners fed and drugged.And i'm afraid that's the extent of the good news. With all of the care-mechs obliterated, these prisoners will die unless we take them aboard. There are twenty-three of them, and I think they'll all need medical attention.
Tagon: Actually, I think there's plenty of good news. For starters, you now know how to organize your infantry, right down to the last man.
Shodan: I do?
Tagon: Sure you do. You said most of the new recruits went charging down the hall, right? That's great! Enthusiastic cannon fodder like that just needs cautious leadership.
Shodan: And where do I find that?
Tagon: Promote everyone who hung back to corporal.
Shodan: Are you sure that's where corporals come from, captain?
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