Sunday November 9, 2003
Book 4: The Blackness Between — Part III: Trouble in the Outjack


Narrator: Great scientific discoveries usually sound more like "Hmm, that's funny." than like "Eureka!"
Kevyn: Hmmm...
Kevyn: That can't be right. Let's plot that again...
Narrator: Sometimes, however, they make a more disturbing sound.
Kevyn: Oh crap!
Kevyn: Captain, I found some numbers that don't add up. They don't do this in a very scary way.
Tagon: Well, that's good. I'm glad it's not scary. I've got other scary stuff on my hands right now.
Kevyn: That's not what I said.
Tagon: Sure it is. You said they don't add up in a very scary way.
Kevyn: Allow me to clarify:The numbers don't add up. The manner in which they don't add up is extremely scary.
Kevyn: You might say that although the numbers fail to add up, the conclusions drawn from this failure cannot fail to strike fear.
Tagon: Fine, fine. I got it. Very scary numbers. How scary are they?
Kevyn: Well, on a scale of "that's not free checking" to "heat death of the universe,", I'd say we're looking at "the enemy has a super-weapon we can't track."
Tagon: Oh crap.