Sunday November 16, 2003
Book 4: The Blackness Between — Part III: Trouble in the Outjack


Narrator: Deep in the artificial wilderness dubbed "The Outjack", Ensign "Chelle" Diego-Garcia and Lieutenant "Elf" Foxworthy discuss clothing.
Elf: Umm... Chelle? Why are you running around in your underwear?
Chelle: Oh, that. Ennesby and Kerchak had us all strip down, 'cause the enemy is hitting annie plants.
Elf: Lucky me. I think my power plant in my uniform shorted out in the blast. I had to stow my helmet and gloves by hand.
Chelle: I guess you can keep your clothes on, then.
Chelle: Hey, with your legs, you know... shorter... do you think you could knuckle-walk?
Elf: On freshly cauterized stumps? Sure, as long as you don't mind me screaming in pain with each step.
Chelle: Well, Kerchak was going to lead a rescue party here. I bet they'll be here any minute, and could carry you back.
Chelle: That is, if you don't mind being swept off your feet by a naked gorilla.
Elf: That'll be a neat trick.
Chelle: Oh, sorry. That was an accident, I swear.