Sunday November 30, 2003
Book 4: The Blackness Between — Part IV: A Little First Contact
The second panel's resemblance to the Lion King "Pride Rock" tableau is illustrative of a little known derivation of Eddington's Law (wherein an infinite number of monkeys at typewriters eventually bash out the script for Hamlet) in which in an infinite universe, with an infinite number of points of view upon an infinite number of vistas, eventually you'll recreate all the great movie posters of the 20th century.

The above can be considered a near miss, due to the absence of giraffes. Keep trying, universe! You're almost there!


Narrator: A fight is about to go down. And, as is often the case, it's up to the women to put a stop to the foolishness.
Elf: Captain Kerchak! Pick me up where I can be seen. I need to give Sergeant Schlock an order!
Elf: Sergeant, stand down! That's an order!
Elf: I know the native insulted you, but didn't you hear how he did it?
Schlock: Yeah. He did it with real feeling. What are you getting at?
Elf: He did it in a language we understand. They speak Galstandard.
Schlock: Oh. That's kinda weird.
Elf: We don't need to fight, or if we do, at least we can parley first.
Kerchak: Sounds good to me, sister.
HorseLizard 1: There will be no fight. We were hunting, and now we are not. The oracle is clear on this. Your pack is safe.
HorseLizard 1: "Food that talks is not food."
Schlock: That explains why you're supposed to eat kreelies when they're young.