Friday January 16, 2004
Book 4: The Blackness Between — Part V: Backstabbing on the Fast Track


Tagon: I see a loose end, Jevee. What are we going to do about Haban and his frigate, the Sarasota?
Jevee Ceeta: Simple. We ask him to lead part of the attack on the dark matter entities.
Tagon: But that attack is only a feint. We have no intention of following through any longer than it takes to put Breya in custody.
Jevee Ceeta: By the time Haban figures that out, it'll be too late.
Tagon: He's an artificial intelligence with a dual-mode mind. He'll figure it out before we do, and it's our plan.
Jevee Ceeta: I never thought I'd say this to you Tagon, but I think you're over-thinking this.