Sunday February 1, 2004
Book 4: The Blackness Between — Part V: Backstabbing on the Fast Track


Narrator: The frigate Sarasota preps for combat in the primary staging bay of Zoojack Station Alpha.
Ennesby: Heya, Haban. How's it hangin'?
Haban II: Wow. Alliteration and assonance. Am I supposed to be impressed?
Ennesby: The alliteration was free. The assonance is a subtle hint at where I'm going to kick you before I take your name in chess.
Haban II: Business before pleasure, my optimistic friend. What have you got for me?
Ennesby: It's a suite of comm, gear and a targeting system. Our V.D.A. has been reset to use gravitics to look for shifting concenctrations of Dark Matter. You'll need to connect realtime to be able to support the attack.
Haban II: You could have just handed me the protocols, Ennesby.
Ennesby: It's all non-standard interfaces. This was faster.
Haban II: So this is another homegrown "Kevyn Andreyasn special", eh?
Ennesby: Don't dis the Kevyn. You married his sister, and after all, he did build me.
Haban II: Yeah, but that's a dubious credit. I'm the one who is going to kick your assonance in chess.
Ennesby: I'll have your king running around the board like a kid looking for the potty, chrome dome.
Haban II: Chrome-dome? You're one to talk.
Ennesby: God made a few perfect heads. Kevyn improved on the design.