Thursday October 20, 2005
Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei — Part II: Schlocktoberfest 2005


Narrator: Down at the docks. . .
Jo: Cap'n Hartung, we've got a live one.
Captain Hartung: Well, reel 'im on in.
Der Trihs: Captain Hartung, is your boat available for hire?
Captain Hartung: Depends. She's a fishing boat. You gotta pay what the fish'd be worth.
Der Trihs: So. . . How is the fishing these days, Skipper?
Captain Hartung: Fan-Fishing-tastic. Nothin' but prime bluefin, here to the far coast.
Der Trihs: That must be why you're moping around here at the dock, instead of blowing your profits on grog and winch wenches.
Captain Hartung: I thought you said he was a live one!